Lon’s Alakai!

Lon’s Alakai!

Special relationship between Lon and Alakai

We recently sat down with Lon of Alakai to find out more about this young and passionate chef hailed from Hawaii. Lon is an entrepreneur in the food & beverage business.

It is almost an understatement – Lon is passionate about cooking and food.  Once overheard in someone’s conversation – if you have a choice, work with someone who is absolutely passionate about their vocation.. it is because even if you disagree with what they do, you will always gain immense knowledge by learning from someone who is dedicated in all aspects to their craft.  Let Lon take you through his relationship with Alakai!

Food and Culture

Food is an essential part of our lives and sometimes we take for granted how fortunate we are with the choices and variety that we are exposed to. Blending cultural differences between Hawaiian and Singaporean cuisines, Lon further delves into an interesting aspect on how food connects people to cultures.

Passion and Business

Having passion is a great asset to have when starting a venture in the interest area.  However, by no means a passion can be easily converted into a successful business. Lon’s acutely aware of this and his pragmatism is almost unreal for someone of his young age. Recognizing your own weakness is essential in finding the right solutions or looking for the right mentors to address all the potential issues.

Lon shares with us the lessons and triumphs he has to date in this entrepreneurial journey.  For a passionate cook like himself, he strives on striking the balance between product perfection and business viability.  He also shares his insights with those who want to enter the F&B business with a passion.

Since we had this interview, we have recently learnt that Lon has made a decision to relocate to another country. That means Alakai would be uprooted and taken to a different piece of land.  The journey for Lon continues and he will surely update us where he ends up.  Please stay tuned on utoocentral and more updates will be forthcoming. Till then, thank you very much to Lon for sharing his journey with us. Aloha!


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