CombineSell helps merchants to Sell Everywhere

CombineSell helps merchants to Sell Everywhere

CombineSell has big dreams

Founded by Amanda and June Yong, CombineSell has a mission to make e-commerce as easy as possible for merchants. When merchants expand their businesses or simply sell online, they increase product offerings, seek to reach a wider target base of customers and tap into as many online marketing channels as possible.  CombineSell harnesses technology and data analysis to create a platform that allows merchants to expand and sell online seamlessly and effortlessly. As a result, merchants can focus on creating better products with more variety.

It is a daunting task to build a seamless system amalgamating so many different processes under one roof. It seems that CombineSell has taken on the challenges heads-on and is winning the battle.

Face down challenges and come back stronger

In the following video, Amanda and June Yong would be sharing who has inspired them the most in their entrepreneurial journey.  Age is truly just a number. Recognizing their young age and lack of experience, they are willing to seek out help with a clear focus on building up their business successfully.  They have been dealt with serious challenges. However, they have demonstrated grit and maturity in taking on whatever has come their way.

Recognizing the help rendered by their future clients on how to build up the technology behind CombineSell, it once again demonstrates the dedication that these two entrepreneurs have invested their efforts in making a quality product that serves the needs of end users.  This is absolutely critical in their path to success.

Humulity, Honesty and Agility are the DNA of CombineSell!

Whether you are a leader of a startup or established corporation, it is important to set a clear vision of the company and cultivate the right attitude that could determine the fate of your company. In their journey of entrepreneurship, Amanda and June Yong spoke about who their staunch supporters are. These two young entrepreneurs take on advice as well as criticism from their advisers with humility, knowing that accepting feedback gratefully would only benefit their venture.  Just like many entrepreneurs if not all, they are faced with all kinds of fear in building up their business. They share a refreshing perspective on how to handle competitors or copycats in business.  Enjoy the sharing by Amanda and June Yong.  We certainly have!

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