Erik Cheong & Park N Parcel
Forbes 30 Under30 2019. Erik Cheong, Co-Founder of Singapore-based logistics startup.

Erik Cheong & Park N Parcel

Hearty congratulations to Erik Cheong for being selected as one of the region’s brightest young entrepreneurs on the Forbes 30 under 30 2019 list.  Erik is one of the Co-Founders of Park N Parcel.  Park N Parcel is a Southeast Asia based logistics start-up that provides last mile logistics solution to enhance the current mailing ecosystems.  The main focus of the business is to provide online shoppers an innovative way to collect parcels in a hassle-free manner by directing their parcels to nearby neighbours or neighbourhood stores – known as Parkers.

In his super busy schedule, Erik found time to sit down with utoocentral and shared his views, challenges and experiences from this entrepreneurial journey.  It is packed with insights that are useful and timely reminders for fellow entrepreneurs.

Erik invites you into his startup world Park N Parcel

Prior to starting Park N Parcel, Erik and his 2 buinsess partners built and exited a property business.  Shared the same traits as all great entrepreneurs, they saw emerging market trends, changing consumers behaviour, an opportunity to create a solution to address a problem faced by consumers and, most important of all, took action. They seized the moment and created Park N Parcel as a new logistics player.  The disruptors are back.  Check out how Erik took his first steps,


How do you keep yourself and your business growing?

In the next video, we find out from Erik how he copes with the challenges of being an entrepreneur.  Through the experiences of overcoming different difficulties, he has built a strong team to continue to grow Park N Parcel and personally grown to become a more seasoned businessperson.


How does Erik overcome his challenges, learn his lessons and keep on innovating?

Building a successful start-up consists of constant iterations between your ideas and the market feedback. In the next video, Erik shares with us the challenges that Park N Parcel has overcome in its journey of growing up.  It is essential to get your product to the market and listen to the feedback very carefully.


How can you be a better entrepreneur?

In the next and final video, Erik shares with us what the important elements are for an entrepreneur to succeed.  During each of our own entrepreneurial journey, you would come across good as well as not-so-good advice.  You just need to learn how to filter them – listen honestly but don’t be defeated by them even if they appear to be highly critical in the first place.


We hope that you have enjoyed our interview with Erik Cheong, Co-Founder of Park N Parcel.  Park N Parcel has accumulated multiple business awards for the scale that they have achieved in a relatively short time.  However, there are numerous challenges ahead but Erik and his team will surely continue to strive toward their goals.

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